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Anonymous asked: Have you seen the Edit Button tutorials? I couldn't stop cracking up and it's a hilarious face punch to the "we'll fix it in post" attitude.

Haha, yes, I have! They are hilarious! 

Here’s a link to the latest one, in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDDos9FmlO8

Anonymous asked: Do you know about the best twitter ever? @worsteditorever

YESSSSS! A friend posted it to me today. D-Y-I-N-G while going through the Twitter feed. Combined with rage. And wanting to cry. But laughing.

Definitely recommend checking it out for laughs. 

Concept of time

For AEs, we’re like:

For producers/editors/production people, they’re like:


To all my American comrades: Happy 4th of July! Stay safe, blow $&%! up, eat a ridiculous amount of hot dogs and burgers and S’MORES (not 4th of July without s’mores!). 


So there’s this here article from Gawker (and a few other articles have popped up over the last week or so talking about this, too) discussing working conditions on reality TV shows and general industry craziness that people don’t really like to talk about, CONTROVERSY! 

Figured I’d share it here (and on Facebook and Twitter), because it is something that needs to be discussed and y’all know I like controversy! ;) 

Grim Realities of Reality TV